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Frequently Asked Questions

During periods of care breakdown, navigating the situation can be challenging. Most services have established procedures for addressing complaints, typically the first step in resolving dissatisfaction. At Care Observer, we are dedicated to helping you find an appropriate resolution, including potentially transitioning to a new care provider. Our complimentary advisory service can connect you with advocacy services that offer support during the adjustment and notice period and help you along the next steps of your journey. No matter your requirements, our welcoming team at Care Observer is here to help.


By reaching out to our welcoming team either through calling 0113 403 3298 or completing the contact us form, you will connect with one of our care experts. They will attentively listen to your needs and then explore the available choices with you. Whether it’s locating a specialized care provider in your vicinity or seeking financial assistance, our approachable team can direct you to a certified service provider who can assist you. From there, you can move forward with assurance and assistance.

In brief, the answer is no. Every individual holds the freedom to select their preferred care provider, regardless of their association with the council framework. This aligns with the person-centric approach that councils follow. All you need to do is request either a direct payment or a managed Individual Service Fund, in which funds are allocated for the care provider of your choice. Feel free to reach out to us at 0113 403 3298 if you need assistance.

Certainly yes! Our team of friendly experts has a vast amount of knowledge to help you access any funding you may qualify for. Reach out to us today at 0113 403 3298, and we can provide you with further guidance.

The Care Observer team comprises experienced professionals in health and care, boasting a collective experience of over 50 years across all aspects of care provision. When contacting us, rest assured that you will be speaking with a team member who has previously served as a manager of a service, a nurse, worked closely with social services, been involved in home care or care home settings. You can have full confidence that our compassionate team operates under the care code of conduct with utmost integrity and honesty, always prioritizing your best interests and emphasizing a person-centered care approach. Your dedicated team member will attentively listen, provide support, and guide you to a suitable service based on your needs.

Care Observer is a free UK health care directory service to all people seeking care service. Contacting our team does not incur any fees; it is entirely free of charge. There is no compulsion to select a provider from our platform. Whether you seek guidance for yourself, a family member, or a friend, you are welcome to simply seek advice.

At Care Observer, we work with Care Quality Commission registered care providers only. Prior to their inclusion on our platform, we conduct thorough assessments to confirm their ability to accommodate new clients. In case your desired service is not already available on our platform, kindly inform our team so we can initiate contact on your behalf. We engage regularly with care home managers and providers of home care services, all of whom have available space. With this assurance, we are confident that we can cater to your needs effectively.

Searching for a care provider can be a challenging task. While some individuals are fortunate to have support from sources like social workers or hospital discharge liaison teams, many others feel isolated and lack assistance when necessary. At Care Observer, we are dedicated to helping all individuals navigate the process of finding care positively, alleviating the stress and uncertainty often accompanying such searches. We understand that some people are self-sufficient and capable of finding care providers independently, which is perfectly fine. Our team at Care Observer is available around the clock, every day of the year, to assist our callers in a caring manner.

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